Open your ears. Open your
mind. Open 24h. Be open for open source and
open cources. Believe in open innovation.
Be part of open schools, open university
and open educational resourced
projects. Open your heart,
open your house, open your
space, open your doors.
Open craftsmanship, open
file, open minded,
open air, open data,
open office, open workspace,
open network,
open markets,
open food,
open whatsapp,
open google,
open youtube,
open knowledge,
open link,
open library,
open music,
open neClix,
open project,
open relationship,
open table,
open web technology,
open what?
Are we just decorating
ourself with an
open mindful
lifestyle until
we close
all of
cultural, national
and social



fashion Bitten Stetter

photography Gulliver Theis

hair & make up Claudia Wegener-Bracht

styling Henriette-Friederike Herms

model Jolina (mirr/rs)